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On the Road Meet a superhero with a soft touch

(Article Author – Nelson :

Meet Jonathan Stoklosa 31,  By day, Jonathan is a Smiling bag boy at the Acme grocery store in Wilmington, Del. Dressed in a neon-yellow vest, he collects the grocery carts from the parking lot and hands out stickers to the kids  who are more then happy to be greeted with his beautiful smile.

One thing you cant help but notice is his massive physique as if he was a professional body builder, which it turns out he is.

However one may be quick to assume that he is competing in a special category because of him being  labeled with Down Syndrome, nothing  be could further from the truth  He competes in regular matches, often placing in the top three. He regularly benches over 400 pounds. “You walk away going, ‘Wow.” Or ‘Did I really just see what I just saw?’” said Brandon McGovern, Jonathan’s trainer.

What do the parents have to say , ”Not even ever thought of when you hold a little baby and they tell you he has Down syndrome,” said Frank about Jonathan being admired by so many people. “Yeah, Jon changed our life.” Moral of the story don’t let anybody label you.

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